Journal Articles (2014–present):

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Versatile spaceborne photonics with chalcogenide phase-change materials,
H.J.Kim, M.Julian, C.Williams, D.Bombara, JJ. Hu, T.Gu, K.Aryana, G. Sauti, W.Humpphreys,
npj Microgravity, 10 (20), (2024)
Deep neural network enabled active metasurface embedded design, S.An, B.Zheng, M.Julian, C.Williams, H.Tang, T.Gu, H.Zhang, H.J.Kim, JJ. Hu,
Nanophotonics, 11 (17), 4149-4158 (2022)
Opti-MSFA: A toolbox for generalized design and optimization of multispectral filter arrays, T.W.Sawyer, M.Taylor-Williams, R.Tao, R.Xia, C.Williams, S.E. Bohndiek,
Optics Express 30(5), 7591-7611 (2022)
Automated real-time spectral characterization of phase-change tunable filters using a linear variable filter and IR camera for wide-field MWIR imaging,
D.Bombara, C.Williams, S.Borg, H.J. Kim,
Optical Engineering 60 (8), 084105 (2021)
PCM-net: a refractive index database of chalcogenide phase change materials for tunable nanophotonic device modelling, H.J.Kim, J.Sohn, N.Hong, C.Williams, W.Humphreys, JPhys: Photonics 3 (2), 024008 (2021)
Tunable mid-wave infrared Fabry-Perot bandpass filters using phase-change GeSbTe,
C.Williams, N.Hong, M.Julian, S.Borg, H.J.Kim,
Optics Express 28 (7), 10583-10594 (2020)
Editors Pick
Reversible optical tuning of GeSbTe phase-change metasurface spectral filters for MWIR imaging,
M.N.Julian, C.Williams, S.Borg, S.Bartram, H.J.Kim,
Optica 7(7), 746-754 (2020)
Quantitative phase and polarisation imaging through an optical fibre applied to detection of early oesophageal tumourigenesis,
G.S.D.Gordon, J.Joseph, M.Alcolea, T.Sawyer, C.Williams, C.R.M.Fitzpatrick, M.di Pietro, R.C.Fitzgerald, T.D.Wilkinson, S.E.Bohndiek,
Journal of Biomedical Optics, 24 (12), 126004 (2019)
Grayscale-to-color: Scalable fabrication of custom multispectral filter arrays,
C.Williams, G.S.D.Gordon, T.D.Wilkinson, S.E.Bohndiek,
ACS Photonics, 6(12), 3132-3141 (2019)
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Characterising optical fibre transmission matrices using metasurface reflector stacks for lensless imaging without distal access,
G.S.D.Gordon, M.Gataric, A.G. Ramos, J.Yoon, C.Williams, R.Mouthaan, T.D.Wilkinson, S.E. Bohndiek,
Physical Review X, 9, 041050 (2019)
Single nanowire spectrometers,
Z.Yang, T.A.Owen, H.Cui, J.A.Webber, F.Gu, X.Wang, T.C.Wu, C.Williams, P.Wang, A.Zayats, W.Cai, Y.Ye, D.Lun, S.Hofmann, M.Overend, Q.Yang, L.Tong, Z.Sun, T.Hasan,
Science, 365, 1017-1020  (2019)
Full-field quantitative phase and polarisation-resolved imaging through an optical fibre bundle,
G.S.D.Gordon, J.Joseph, A.MacFaden, C.Williams T.Sawyer, T.D.Wilkinson, S.E.Bohndiek,
Optics Express, 27(17), 23929-23947 (2019)
Measuring chirality in the far-field from a racemic nanomaterial: diffraction spectroscopy from plasmonic nanogratings,
C.Kuppe, X.Zheng, C.Williams, J.Collins, S.Gordeev, G.A.E. Vandenbosch, V.K.Valev,
Nanoscale Horizons 10,1039 (2019)
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Circular dichroism in higher order diffraction beams from chiral quasi-planar nanostructures, 
C.Kuppe, C.Williams, J.You, J.Collins, S.Gordeev, T.D.Wilkinson, N.C.Panoiu, V.K.Valev,
Advanced Optical Materials, 6, 1800098 (2018)
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Plasmonic metalens for dual-focus narrowband imaging. 
C.Williams, Y.Montelongo, T.D.Wilkinson
Advanced Optical Materials, 5, 1700811 (2017)
Signal enhancement of laser ablated volume holograms, 
J.M.Versnel, C.Williams, C.A.B.Davidson, T.D.Wilkinson, C.R.Lowe,
Optical Materials, 73, 400-407, (2017)
Nanostructured plasmonic metapixels, 
C.Williams, G.Rughoobur, A.J.Flewitt, T.D.Wilkinson,
Scientific Reports, 7, 7745, (2017)
Plasmonic nanohole electrodes for active color tunable liquid crystal transmissive pixels, 
R.Bartholomew, C.Williams, A.A.Khan, R.Bowman, T.D.Wilkinson,
Optics Letters, 42(14), 2810-2813, (2017)
Fabrication of nanostructured transmissive optical devices on ITO-glass with UV1116 photoresist using high-energy electron beam lithography, 
C.Williams, R.Bartholomew, G.Rughoobur, A.J.Flewitt, T.D.Wilkinson,
Nanotechnology, 27, 485301, (2016)
Single-step fabrication of thin-film linear variable bandpass filters based on metal–insulator–metal geometry, 
C.Williams, G.Rughoobur, A.J.Flewitt, T.D.Wilkinson,
Applied Optics, 55, 9237-9241, (2016)
Self-assembled liquid crystalline nanotemplates and their incorporation in dye-sensitised solar cells, 
M.A.Kamarudin, A.A.Khan, C.Williams, S.Said, S.Nosheen, A.J.Flewitt, M.M.Qasim, T.D.Wilkinson,
Electrochimica Acta, 222, 657-667, (2016)
Engineered pixels using active plasmonic holograms with liquid crystals, 
C.Williams, Y.Montelongo, J.Tenorio-Pearl, A.Cabrero-Vilatela, S.Hofmann, W.I.Milne, T.D.Wilkinson
Phys. Stat. Solidi Rapid Res. Lett., 9(2), 125-129, (2015)
Plasmonic nanoparticle scattering for color holograms,
Y.Montelongo, J.O.Tenorio-Pearl, C.Williams, S. Zhang, W.I.Milne, T.D.Wilkinson,
PNAS, 111(35), 12679–12683, (2014) 

Selected Conferences and Talks (2014–2019):

  • Bespoke multispectral filter arrays for biophotonic imaging applications (Invited Talk), Hamyln Symposium: Advanced Biophotonics: from bench to bedside, London, UK
  • Multispectral filter arrays using grayscale lithography (Invited Talk), Photonic and Optoelectronic Materials Conference ’19 (POEM2019), London, UK [Session Chair: POEM2019: Meta and Plasmonics Symposium]
  • Multispectral filter arrays for biomedical imaging (Invited Talk), NASA Langley Research Centre, Hampton (VA), US
  • M.Julian, C.Williams, H.J.Kim, Tunable mid-wave infrared (MWIR) filters based on the phase-change material GeSbTe, SPIE Photonics West 2019 (OPTO), San Francisco (CA), US
  • C.Williams, G.S.D.Gordon, T.D. Wilkinson S.E.Bohndiek, Multispectral filter arrays using grayscale lithography and MIM geometry, SPIE Photonics West 2019 (OPTO), San Francisco (CA), US
  • C.Kuppe, C.Williams, X.Zheng, V.K.Valev, Unmasking chirality using diffractive plasmonic nanogratings, SPIE Photonics West 2019 (OPTO), San Francisco (CA), US
  • C.Williams, G.S.D.Gordon, T.D. Wilkinson S.E.Bohndiek, Fabrication of multispectral filter arrays Using metal-insulator-metal geometry, OSA CLEO 2018, San Jose (CA), US
  • J.Yoon, J.Joseph, G.S.D.Gordon, A.S.Luthman, D.J.Waterhouse, C.Williams, S.E.Bohndiek, A clinically translatable hyperspectral endoscope exploiting a flexible fibre bundle, SPIE Photonics West 2018 (BIOS), San Francisco (CA), US
  • Liquid Crystal Nanophotonic Holography (Invited Talk: co-author), Workshop on Liquid Crystals for Photonics (WLCP), University of Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • Workshop: A guide to nanofabrication, Photonic Systems Development CDT Workshop series, University of Cambridge, UK
  • C.Williams, Y.Montelongo, J.Tenorio-Pearl, W.I.Milne, T.D.Wilkinson, Plasmonic nanostructures for holographic optical elements, IOP Photon14 2014, London, UK
  • C.Williams, Y.Montelongo, T.D.Wilkinson, Plasmonic nanoantennas for holographic liquid crystal based pixels, British Liquid Crystal Society (BLCS) 2014, University of Durham, UK

PhD Thesis:

  • C.Williams, Plasmonic nanostructures for enhanced optical devices, Department of Engineering, University of Cambridge, (2017)